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Looking for SEO in St Louis MO?   SEO or Search Engine optimization should be the cornerstone of your marketing plan in St Louis, Missouri.  SEO is the process that gets your website into Google, Yahoo and Bing where you want to be, and where you customers can find you easily.  SEO is to business now, as the Yellow pages were to business in the 80’s and early 90’s.  IF you could be found in the book, you had enough business to pull a profit.  Google and Yahoo can do this for you, and we know what it takes to get you the best possible results.  Get your SEO St Louis MO, from the best in the business!

Getting Great Advertising Results is as easy as SEO!

We look closely at search stats and come up with a plan of action, timeline of how long it will take us, in a free proposal we send to you along with an SEO audit of your website. To see an example audit report click here.

World Class Quality & Excellence

We are a family business.  We take pride in our work and strive to provide excellence to every client. When you choose Gorilla Advertising you get your project managers cell number, and  personal email. Gorilla Advertising offers unlimited support before, during, and after the work is complete. We are patient, hard working, and knowledgeable.

Cost Effective SEO Services

We offer SEO services starting at $250 per month and up.  We also offer one time services like link building and onsite optimization.  Call us today or click here.

No Contract Search Engine optimization

We offer SEO at to St Louis business owners at affordable rates.  This does not mean we offer less.  Campaigns guarantee 20 to 40 keywords per year at the $250/mo level.  We do not hold our clients under contract, we just deliver results.  You can see what we do each month as we produce results you can see, both on and off your site, and monthly reports.

How do we get results?

Onsite search engine optimization is our specialty. We are so good that our staff only has to build 10% of the links other companies do to achieve the same results. We have reverse engineered the Google algorithm to give us on-site optimization capabilities our competitors just do not offer. Our understanding and knowledge of Google’s Search Engine get our clients results. Onsite techniques are explained in a bit more detail in an article I wrote about what it means to reverse engineer the algorithm.


View or Download the PDF version of Can you reverse engineer Google’s algorithm?.


What we do is not a secret trick, magic or anything other than leg work and keeping updated with Google’s Webmaster Team.  Below is a series of videos to help you understand what we do as SEO providers. 

Link Building

The link building techniques we use are simple. Articles, press releases, videos are the main focus because they have a viral nature. We do not use any submitter’s, and do not post articles on a gazillion sites, nor do we spin articles or use PLR articles. What we do is as natural as possible, we write content and distribute it sparsely here and there so the content we produce gets good search results too. We also use all of the most popular sites like bookmarking sites, article communities like squidoo, hubpages, and zimbio. We also utilize social networking and social bookmarking using the slow and by hand method. Some time we blog comment or participate in forums, but this is rare and not needed in most cases.

Google recommend you do not utilize companies that offer link exchange, link farms, or automatic back links.  We do not recommend basing your campaign solely on spamming the internet.  We do not use that approach and it is something Google does not like.

In closing

We have a 100% success rate. We have not failed once, for dozens of clients. On average we only have to build less links than other SEO companies due to our superb onsite optimization. In fact, need 10% or less of the inbound links that other SEO companies need to generate search results in any keyword you want. Its not if, its when we will get you the rankings you want. The keywords you have in mind, versus the competition rankings is how long the project will take to complete 100%.

We love St Louis, Missouri!  We would be honored to provide an amazing SEO experience for you and your business.  Please do not hesitate to give us a call!  We are friendly, and offer free advice.

Call (314) 252-8112 for help, or just to get a simple question answered.

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